Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sites for sore eyes

This blog is devoted to recipes suitable for those following the paleo diet. If you want information about other aspects, there are lots of places on the web you can check. Here are a few that I go to on a regular basis:

1. Mark's Daily Apple - as the title says, Mark Sisson manages to post something here pretty much every day, be it a discussion of the merits of Omega-3 supplements, a recipe for broccoli rabe pesto, or some information about suitable workouts. Mark calls his approach "primal living", and it does vary from the paleo diet in a few respects, but there's more agreement than disagreement.

2. Son of Grok - also known as SoG, he's the personified descendant of "Grok", the caveman who's often used as an example in Mark's blog above. SoG (to clarify, he's a different person than Mark, he just uses Mark's Grok as inspiration) hasn't been posting as much lately due to a new job, but his older posts are worth a review. There are some good recipes and some good workout information there.

3. Paleo Diet - is a massive collection of links to various articles, recipes, etc. I believe it has its origins in an old Usenet newsgroup.

4. PaNu - short for Paleolithic Nutrition, this is the blog of Doctor Kurt Harris (yes, an MD-type doctor) who strongly believes in the paleo diet. Some useful information there for people who might be wavering on the fence about the paleo diet.

5. Protein Power is the blog of Doctor Michael Eades, who wrote a book of the same name. While his viewpoint is more about protein versus carbs, the fact remains that many of the same dietary principles he espouses are also valid in a paleo diet connotation.

There are tons of other links out there - if you have any you think are especially good, post them as a comment to this posting!

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