Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review - Siete Foods tortillas

NOTE - As always, I have received no remuneration, compensation, or other considerations from the vendor(s) named herein.  I'm doing this all on my own, folks!

One of the minor inconveniences about paleo has always been the lack of a decent wrap or flatbread for fajitas and the like.  Julian Bakery makes(*) a coconut wrap but it tastes, well, like coconut.  And, since I do love a good fajita now and then (or more often, if I can get it), I'd been almost resigned to figuring out how to make my own (although most of the recipes out there look to be too "egg-y" for my liking).  Now, that's changed.

These aren't (as far as I know) available in Canada, but on a recent road trip to Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, we purchased four packages of Siete Foods' tortillas at the local Whole Foods - two each of the Almond Flour and the Cassava and Coconut.  We've now tried a package of each, and the verdict is: delicious!  We did find the Cassava and Coconut ones tear rather easily, and I think I prefer the taste of the Almond Flour ones by a thin margin, but both are entirely adequate for my purposes!  Two thumbs up!

* = Or maybe not any more?  I can't find the wraps listed on their web page now, although you can see "wraps" on the left menu of their main home page.