Thursday, December 16, 2010

How about some noodles?

So it turns out that, over in Japan, there are these things called Shirataki noodles, which are a very-low-carb noodle made mainly from water and plant fiber. Available now in other places, in Canada they can be found in Asian supermarkets, as well as at the Low Carb Grocery, which has a store in Markham (if you live in the Toronto area). And no, I haven't received any money or other consideration for mentioning them.

Anyway, the noodles are pretty tasteless on their own, but go well in a pasta sauce because they really tend to absorb the flavour of the sauce. While not strictly paleo, they are very-low-carb and thus worth a consideration for those nights when you just can't face another spaghetti squash. I've seen them in fettuccine and "spaghetti" styles, but supposedly the Miracle Noodle company also makes a rice style, even if it's only available in Australia for now. EDIT - I have had the rice version via the Low-Carb Grocery. I can't really recommend it, it's basically little gummy balls of not-starch.

You're on your own when it comes to garlic bread, though.

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